New Wall Forming System Specially Designed for Vehicle Wash Buildings

TunnelCarWashBefore-AfterNuformThe revolutionary wall forming systems by Nuform Building Technologies Inc. (NUFORM®) are specially designed to stand up to the unique challenges of a vehicle wash building. Self-serve bays and many other areas of this type of facility are subject to a great deal of abuse on a daily basis which typically means high maintenance costs. Our high performance ceiling and wall paneling systems which are easy to install, sturdy and virtually maintenance-free offer an innovative, cost-effective solution to this problem.

NUFORM® proven products like CONFORM®, RELINE® and RENU® will not only stand the test of time but also offer significant savings during construction as well as throughout their life cycle. If you are looking for a building material that offers maximum return on your investments, then we have a wide range of choices to meet your specific requirements.

The advantages of choosing NUFORM® for vehicle wash buildings:

  • Automatic wash buildings: The superior sound and thermal insulation of these sturdy wall systems help keep noise levels low while reducing energy costs.
  • Tunnel wash buildings: Our wall forming systems easily combat common vehicle wash problems like mould and mildew, improving overall appearance and helping protect your investment from costly upkeep.
  • Self-service and automatic buildings: Your walls won’t stain, discolour, rust or corrode, which means your building will retain its fresh appearance year-after-year.
  • Bus and truck wash buildings: The paneling systems are ideal for any automotive application and can be engineered to suit many structural conditions including facilities for large vehicles like buses and trucks.